At COLORS HAIR INTERNATIONAL we create sophisticated looks that are technically precise and effortlessly chic. Looks that stay modern move naturally and are easy to recreate day after day.

At COLORS HAIR INTERNATIONALthe cut is the style, we cut the shape into the hair so that you don´t need a lot of styling products to hold hair into a style. So you can shake your head and run your fingers through your hair as often as your like, and your hair will always fall back in to shape.

A COLORS HAIR INTERNATIONAL cut and colors makes your morning wash an blow-dry ritual for easier, you´ll be using fewer products and achieving your ideal look in less time. you don´t need to fix your style into place every morning, or worry about mid-afternoon hair collapse. A Sassoon cut and color is designed to stay and people will still be commenting on how good it looks, weeks after it was done.






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